The Ohio Bursars Association was founded in May, 1977 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio from a small gathering of Bursars from the State Colleges and Universities in Ohio. They would get together over lunch and discuss many of the common problems and issues that they faced. At first membership was informal and was limited to only the State Colleges and Universities located in the State of Ohio.

In 1983, membership to this group was opened to include the University of Dayton, a private University located in Dayton, Ohio. Meetings were held on a more regular basis in Columbus, Ohio. Columbus was selected because of its central location and the fact that Ohio State University owned a hotel near the University. This was to be the meeting place for a number of years.

Shortly after, around 1986, the membership was again re-opened. This time it was to include the Bursars and Business Officers from all of the Colleges and Universities throughout the State of Ohio. Regular meetings continued to be held; in the Fall, the Winter, and the Spring. With the limited membership, it was decided that the group would travel to various school locations for the Spring meeting. This movement would provide the opportunity to see the various campuses throughout the state and served to limit the travel required to get to the meetings to only one large trip per year. The Fall meeting is still held in Columbus (9:00AM-4:00PM) as designated. The Spring meeting, traditionally a one and one-half day conference event, is hosted by the President-Elect prior to taking the office of President.

As the organization grew, it began a movement toward formality and the Association was registered with the State of Ohio.

Today the OBA membership is made up of over 50 post-secondary educational institutions (degree granting, public and private, 2 year and 4 year) and over 20 associate members which includes various business entities that deal, on many levels, with the educational institutions. Businesses, such as: collection agencies, billing services, guarantee agencies, legal firms, as well as others.

Our membership is open to any degree granting Ohio Educational Institution or complimentary business that has a contract with a degree granting Ohio Educational Institution.

Spring 2023 Conference 

Registration is NOW OPEN!

The Ohio Bursars Association is very pleased to invite you to the Spring 2023 Conference: “Let’s Go All In.”

Please join us Wednesday April 12, 2023 at Wright State University, and Thursday, April 13 & Friday, April 14 at the Fairborn Holiday Inn.  Registration will remain open through March 24th, however our hotel room block is only available through March 13th.  Registration and payment can be completed here


Hotel information and booking can be found here.  A block of rooms has been reserved at a rate of $129/night.  Please contact the hotel directly at 937-426-7800 and mention group block OBA if you will be arriving on April 11th. 


The agenda for the 2023 conference is packed with great information and the Thursday night entertainment is going to be a blast.  We are staying on-site at the Holiday Inn for food, drinks, and a Monte Carlo night on Thursday.  Fun and networking will abound! 


Any questions can be directed to Cory Gadel, OBA President (gadelc@ohiodominican.edu), or Becky Sparks, OBA President-Elect (becky.sparks@wright.edu).  Please feel free to share with any colleagues who may not be on the OBA ListServ.