Map of Members

During the production of this map I had a wonderful phone conversation with Paul...

"Hi Paul...the members map's is almost finished but I can't find a couple of town's on my roadatlas...wondered if you know where they are?"

"Sure" Paul replies "let me get my ohio map"....."OK, fire away..."


Hears the rustle of pages as Paul consults his index..."B6..p3....hang on....I've been there, I know where it is...OK, go's about 1.5 inches to the east of Dayton"

"1.5 inches huh!?!?"

"Yep there she is, you can't miss it, 1.5 the east"

"1.5 inches on my map has me in Columbus!"

"Oh, yeah, right of course" chuckle....


With the above conversation in mind, no degree of accuracy regarding the placement of the colleges and roads is either given or implied.